Tuesday, July 8, 2008

North Dakota Poker Resource. Texas Holdem

The Two Top Online Poker Sites for Texas Hold'em

As a card carrying poker nut, I've played quite a bit on just about all the well established online poker rooms. Because of Holdem's enormous popularity, they ALL have good Hold'em games. If the didn't they couldn't stay in business. Now if I had to choose just three sites for Hold'em, it's hardly a contest. . . It has to be Reefer Poker and PartyPoker . Of the hundred or so respectable online poker rooms out there, these three sites are all among the top five in popularity. They combine to dominate the Hold'em business in terms of the number of games and tournaments going on at any time of day or night. It doesn't matter what type of Holdem you are looking for, be it fixed limit, pot limit, no limit, free with play money, nickle/dime, big bucks, ring game or tournament table, if you can't find your favorite Hold'em game here it probably isn't to be found anywhere.

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